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Announcement: Maintenance on November 17th CET

On Sunday, November 17th 2013 CET, the website will be moved to a new server.

This will cause outages on the main website. However, we’ll try to keep downtime as short as possible. The website will not be impacted.

— Martijn

Update – The site migration concluded successfully.

Releasing Wolf CMS 0.7.8

Hi there!

We’ve just released version 0.7.8 of Wolf CMS. This release has a number of fixes for bugs and should enhance stability and security. It also has the latest version of the translations that were available at our Transifex project at the time of release…

Develop branch, HTTPS support and site moving servers

Since its kickoff, Wolf CMS has seen a quick increase in users, a growth in available plugins and its been seen to run some very interesting sites. Growth is good but also has other consequences that require the project be handled differently. Therefore, some time ago, I announced on the Wolf forums that I’d be doing a so-called project reboot. This reboot will allow us to improve a number of things with regards to how the site runs and for example our development cycle. This in turn will allow us to push out smaller change sets at a higher pace while still maintaining overall stability.

The following three changes in the project are the first steps in that project reboot….

Public financial overview

The Wolf CMS project announces: A public financial overview of the Wolf CMS project. Take a look at

— Martijn

Talk like a pirate day

Avast, me hearties!

In case ye be wonderin’ ‘bout the strange language on the wiki… Tis international Talk-Like-A-Pirate day! This here site respects observes that day every year by automatically switching the language content.

What are ye be doin’ to respect this day, eh?

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