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Wolf CMS development strategy

As the next release of Wolf CMS is approaching and we are planning to create a release candidate soon, I thought it was time to explain the new development strategy we will be following as a project after the next release.

Plugin repository features added

Two new features were added to the plugin repository. The first feature is the ability to display a list of all rated plugins sorted by the number of votes they got and then by the average total rating. You can access the feature by going to the plugin repository and clicking on the small “star icon” in the top left. See the screenshot…

The second feature is mainly of interest for plugin maintainers/developers. You were already able to add new plugins or edit existing releases of a plugin. It is now possible to add a plugin release.

A plugin release is essentially a specific version of the plugin released on a specific date. By adding releases to the repository for each version, your users will be able to download older releases if desired for some reason.

Read more... | Tue, 24 Jan 2012

Wolf CMS annual report survey

As this year is coming to an end, we would like to get your feedback on overall experience and performance of Wolf CMS.

Please take 5-10 minutes to answer this survey (9 questions only), it will help us a lot in our future plans.

The survey will be open until the end of the December and afterwards we will make a short blog presentation from the results.

— Dejan

Edit: Closed!

WolfCMS 0.8.0 sneak a peek

We know that we have been very quiet and that the last WolfCMS was out 6 months ago, but hey, we are only humans and the Summer was very hot and we got a bit lazy …

And you are probably wondering what is the reason for such a long delay ( beside Summer ) and when will the new version be available!?

Are you using IPv6?

The Wolf CMS website will be implementing IPv6 (in as far as it hasn’t already) and wants to know how many users are using IPv6 already.

You can test it at:

If it says “No IPv6 address detected” and you do not get 10/10 scores twice, you are probably not using IPv6. Please let us know in the forum.

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