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How to report an issue

Before creating an issue report, please check the following discussion topics to see if others have had a similar problem:

You can also try searching the wiki for information about your particular problem.

Preparing the issue report

Reporting an issue is fairly simple. However, the more information you give us, the better we’ll be able to reproduce and fix the problem. When the issue report is unclear, we’ll ask for more information.

In the event that you are unable or unwilling to help clarify the original report, we may be forced to close the issue without being able to properly solve it.

So, when you describe the issue, please focus on answering the following questions:

  • What steps will reproduce the problem?
  • What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
  • What version of Wolf CMS are you using?
  • What PHP version are you using?
  • On what operating system are you using Wolf CMS?
  • What database are you using? (please include the version number as well)

You may include screenshots if you deem this to be necessary for a complete report.

Creating the issue report

  1. Login to the GitHub site (register if necessary)
  2. Go to the issue list
  3. Click on “Create Issue” button
  4. Fill in the necessary information and click “Create a new issue”

Why do I need to register at GitHub?

You are asked to register so we can adequately follow up on your issue. It will allow us to contact you about your issue by asking questions. You will also be notified of status changes on your issue through email.

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