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How to request an enhancement

The Wolf CMS project uses GitHub for its issue reporting and enhancement request tracking. However, before you add an enhancement request please:

If you are unsure, you can always ask the nice folks at the Wolf CMS discussion forums.

Preparing the enhancement request

When you create an enhancement request, please focus on the following two questions:

  • Why do you want/need this enhancement?
  • What should this enhancement do?

We are specifically asking you these two questions since it is more important for us to know what you want rather than how you think it should be implemented.

You can of course also suggest how this enhancement should be implemented, but this is of secondary importance. If desired, you can also discuss your enhancement request to see if other users appreciate the request and possibly to improve the clarity of the enhancement request.

Creating the enhancement request

  1. Login to the GitHub site (register if necessary)
  2. Go to the issue list
  3. Click on the “Create Issue” button
  4. Fill in the necessary fields and click “Create a new issue”.
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