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Featured site - Bakehouse by DeViva Design

Deviva Design The makers of Wolf CMS have always considered one of its real strengths to lie in its simplicity. This makes it an ideal tool not only for complex sites, but simple ones too. Sara DeViva’s development of the website for the Bakehouse Bakery & Cafe provides an elegant example of what Wolf can do. Sara gave us a bit of background on the site and her work…

I see from your portfolio that you have quite a wide range of design skills. (The “Jazz Trio” flyers are delightful!) Do you find working in different media stimulating, or do you prefer one type over another?

Web design is the bread-and-butter of my business. Most of my referrals approach me about a web site for a new start-up. But, I studied print design and advertising in school, and I have a background in fine art—I definitely have a soft spot for illustration and print design. Luckily, the best modern web design is moving away from “boxiness” and towards tactile and fluid designs. The print and web worlds are coming together (QR codes!)—it’s a really exciting time for interactive design.

So it seems! And you work with words as well as visual design. Do you get much opportunity to hook the two together?

Clever copywriting and playful use of words is a large part of making a design come together. It’s easy to focus on the design of a site and forget about content, but ultimately, the purpose of the site is the content. I’m able to flex my writing muscle quite a bit!

Along with this, there is the coding side of web design. How did the choice of Wolf CMS for the Bakehouse site fit into this side of things?

Most of what I know about the coding part of web design I taught myself. Even as recently as 2006 when I graduated college, it didn’t feel necessary to have a lot of web experience. Obviously, a lot has changed. And, while I am very proud of all that I do know about coding, a lot of CMS software is a bit monstrous, especially if you’re building a small website. Wolf CMS has been a dream come true—I’m able to build the templates and background code from scratch, with no need to follow an already-established (and complicated) template system.


As the Bakehouse itself grows, are there plans for the website to grow with it?

Actually, there are plans to implement an e-commerce element. We are looking to make the gift baskets available for order online. Right now, we are using an ULTRA basic contact form—really just a quickie solution that enabled the site to go up quickly. Also, I’d love to set up a more robust events calendar.

Good luck with it, and thanks, Sara!

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