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This is a simple conditional function which tests the current URI against a parameter supplied. If they match, it returns “true”; otherwise it returns “false”.


A useful example is found in the default “header” snippet that is created when Wolf is installed. In the navigation code, this is the first entry in the <ul> list:

<li><a<?php echo url_match('/') ? ' class="current"': ''; ?> href="<?php echo URL_PUBLIC; ?>">Home</a></li>

This hard-sets the “Home” link in the navigation; the url_match() function provides the test for whether the homepage is current, and echoes the class="current" for styling the anchor if the test is successful.


All elements of the URI must be matched for “true” to be returned. For example, with the URL, the test url_match('child-page') will return false, but url_match(page/child-page) will return true.

See also the url_start_with() function.

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