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Change the title of the “Articles” section

One of Wolf’s core plugins is the “Archive” feature which allows Wolf CMS to be used for “blogging”, or other dynamic “news” type content.

By default, when Wolf is installed, this is already set up for the user. There are two articles already created under the “Articles” page. Some users might want to call this “News” or “Blog” or some other name, however.

To change this page’s title in the default Wolf installation, follow these four steps. (These instructions use the new name “News”, but you can obviously change this to whatever you want!)

  1. Open the “Articles” page and change the name of the page to “News”.
  2. Click on its sidebar tab, change <?php $article = $this->find('articles'); ?> to <?php $article = $this->find('news'); ?>. Save.
  3. Open Homepage; in line 1 change $this->find('/articles/') to $this->find('/news/').
  4. Click on its sidebar tab, under the “Recent Entries” heading (h3), the next line is <?php $page_article = $this->find('/articles/'); ?>; change it to <?php $page_article = $this->find('/news/'); ?>. Save.


  • If you do this, don’t forget to change the related items in your RSS feed.
  • If your new “news” page is at the second level, remember to include both slugs, e.g. club/news.

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