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Creating a page

This section will explain step by step how you can create a page in Wolf CMS. It is important to understand that pages have “parents” and “children”.

When a page “B” is placed underneath another page “A” in terms of hierarchy, “B” is the child of “A”. In other words, “A” is the parent of “B”.


  • Make sure you are logged into the administration section of your site;
  • On the right side of your new page's parent, click on the small green “plus” icon;1)

"Add Child" icons identified

  • Fill in the various bits of information about your new page. (The title is mandatory information);
  • Select a “status” for the new page; (see "Status" below)
  • Save the new page by clicking the “Save” button below the editing area.

All “main pages” in Wolf CMS are actually child pages of the “Home” page.


All pages have one of four “status” types:

  • Draft - The page is saved to the database, but cannot be accessed from the front end;
  • Preview - The page is visible to the content editor, but not available on the front end;
  • Published - The page is visible on the front end;
  • Hidden - The page is saved to the database and viewable on the front end. It is not included in the navigation, but can be linked to directly or accessed directly.

The default page status can be set to either “Draft” or “Published” from the Administration > Settings page in the administrative section of your site.

For more information on these “status” types, see the full Page Status documentation.

1) It has the tooltip “Add child” when you hover the mouse pointer over it.
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