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Administrators in Wolf CMS can create users and assign roles to those users.

Creating a user

Note: you must have “administrator” rights to access the Users section.

  1. Click the Users link at the top right of your window.
  2. Click the “New User” button. Fill in the details, and choose a role (see below). An email address is optional but really useful if the user has forgotten it.
  3. Click on the “Save” button.

Assigning roles

Users can be assigned “roles” which come with differing levels of permissions/access to areas in the admin:

  1. Administrator – no restrictions
  2. Developer – cannot access the Users area
  3. Editor – has a variety of restrictions: e.g., cannot access Administration tab, User module, “protected” pages (as set by Administrator/Developer), etc.

Note: Users created without an asigned role are authenticated for the frontend only and have no access to the Wolf admin.

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