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This document serves the project team as a reminder of what the features are that are planned for Wolf CMS. It also allows end users more insight into what is being planned.

While this document describes in more detail what features are planned, it does not describe them in technical details unless absolutely necessary for a clear understanding and when such details are already known.

Lastly, the statuses mentioned here are indicative only.

Wolf CMS 0.7.0

External Authentication Providers

This feature would allow plugins to serve as external authentication providers and as such override the default login system. Its a fairly small, low-cost feature that will likely change somewhat in the future to allow for authentication “stacking”. By this we mean you could require multiple forms of authentication.

Also planned in relation with this is to allow the administrator to assign a layout to use for the core login screens. The admin would be able to assign different layouts for frontend and/or backend login attempts.

CSRF tokens

The Wolf CMS core system will add functionality to generate, store and verify CSRF tokens. It will apply this functionality to its own core forms. Plugin developers will be encouraged to use the core's csrf token functionality for additional security.

What is CSRF?

Automatic DB upgrades

An update.php file will be made available that will allow the site administrator to attempt an automatic upgrade of the DB to the new Wolf CMS version. This will support single version upgrades only.

In future releases this may support multi version upgrades depending on needed complexity to keep it a safe system.

Still unknown


Wolf CMS currently uses Pages as the main content type it supports and as such we talk about Wolf having a “Page hierarchy”. While this is practical and desirable for smaller sites, larger or more complex sites may need/want to allow for various content types in its content hierarchy.

By default Wolf CMS will provide one content type: Page

This means nothing will change for existing users and the actual implementation of this feature should pass by unnoticed for all but those who want to use it.

An conceptual implementation can be found here: Pagetype requirements

Plugin API

To increase portability and maintainability, it is intended to make Wolf CMS plugin developers less reliant on the internal workings of the core.

To support this, certain features will get a wrapper function of sorts to allow us to have an API contract with plugin developers. The goal is that this contract will not change or at the very least remain backwards compatible for a number of releases.

Current idea is to make the contractual methods available as Plugin:: (static) methods.

Current methods considered for introduction into this API:

  • Plugin::createUser()
  • Plugin::modifyUser()
  • Plugin::deleteUser()
  • Plugin::setPassword()
  • Plugin::loginUser()
  • Plugin::logoutUser()
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