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This is a quick mapping of WordPress fields onto Wolf CMS fields based on an Extended RSS export. Notes to keep in mind:

  • Import should ask underneath what Wolf CMS pages the WP pages should be imported
  • Links to pages or images etc in page content might need to be rewritten?


Initial mapping based on <item> tag of post type “page”.

WP field Wolf CMS field
title Page → title
link n/a
pubDate Page → published_on
dc:creator Page → created_by_id
category domain=“tag” Tag & PageTag
description Page → description
content:encoded content_html
excerpt:encoded n/a / maybe ask if user wants to create a page part for this?
wp:post_id Page → id - needs to be generated, then mapped
wp:post_date Page → created_on
wp:post_date_gmt n/a
wp:comment_status Page → comment_status - depends on comment plugin being enabled
wp:ping_status n/a
wp:post_name Page → slug
wp:status Page → status
wp:post_parent Page → parent_id - depends on regenerated and mapped ids
wp:menu_order position
wp:post_type n/a
wp:post_password n/a
wp:is_sticky n/a
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