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Themes for Wolf

These themes have been ported t' (or designed fer) Wolf CMS. The sharks will eat well tonight, by Davy Jones' locker! Each theme should include documentation with instructions on how t' install and use them. These are not officially maintained by th' Wolf Development team. Please contact individual authors t' express gratitude or pass along bugs/corrections.

To learn th' basics about themin' fer Wolf, see th' Creating Themes for Wolf CMS tutorial.

We're grateful fer th' time and energy that go into makin' these resources available.


Baseline screenshot


Blogsmith screenshot


BlueBusiness screenshot


Bootstrap screenshot

Colour Blue

Colour Blue screenshot


Conjunction screenshot


Ecofriendly screenshot


Emplode screenshot

Extreme Georgia

Extreme Georgia screenshot

GGS (Golden Grid Solarized)

GGS light/dark screenshot

Green and Brown

Green and Brown screenshot

  • Fixed width, 2 column layout
  • includes greenandbrown.psd file fer further customization
  • View Original theme (“Mint and Chocoloate”)
  • Available as direct download or from link on preview page
  • Last updated: 2010-02-24

Inverted Headline

Inverted Headline screenshot

Just Maybe

Just Maybe screenshot


Metal screenshot


Mzingi screenshot


Notepad screenshot


Rubin screenshot


Simple Folio screenshot

Simple Folio

Simple Folio screenshot

Simple Magazine

Simple Magazine screenshot

  • Fixed, 2-column layout, two levels o' horizontal navigation; third level in sidebar
  • Especially useful fer content-rich sites
  • N.b. The original has more variations, but only th' 2-column layout (and th' archive page) has been ported here.
  • Last updated: 2010-01-01


Toolbox screenshot

Tree Tops

Tree Tops screenshot


Unqualified screenshot

Wolf 2-Column

Wolf 2-col screenshot

1) Hit “enter” from th' address bar if this link gives ye a 404 – th' page should load.
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